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Portfolio Wong Kampoeng Contemporary

Portfolio Wong Kampoeng Contemporary

...ong Kampoeng Contemporary
...ong Kampoeng Contemporary
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Addierte 18 Juli 2010
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Methode of the art-works by Andrik Purwasito, Solo Indonesia Junk-Food Art, A Methode of Art and Creation Development By: Andrik Purwasito, Indonesian artist Prolog Vision is the most fundamental in creation of art, when the artist tries to expresse his idea from the event of day life. What will be presented in artwork? In the same the same time th...
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  - Curriculum Vitae ANDRIK PURWASITO About Art-work : Javanesse tradition and Indonesian cultural expression, exposed by artist (Andrik Purwasito) as raw materials and source of inspiration. His art-work in this exhibition, tries to show the important of peacefull coexistence as a cultural platform in international relations. Indonesia as a member of ...
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