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Portfolio Jean Ehler

Portfolio Jean Ehler

Jean Ehler
Jean Ehler
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Addierte 18 Januar 2007
Addierte 24 August 2006
Addierte 23 August 2006
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Frühling Tree

Garden bei Giverney

der garten von dem Asyl bei Saint-Remy

Sonnenflecke an der kiefern

Oben schauend bei loblolly

bauernhof straße

frühjahr antrieb

Herbst Mond

Das Gespräch mit dem Gärtner

  - If you live in the Orangeburg area of South Carolina, come and see me at the Flea Market on Hwy301 South of town. I draw quick charcoal portraits there on Saturdays for only $5!
[Biography - Jean Ehler - 1Ko - 2007]

  - I live in the midlands of South Carolina and want to share the beauty I see in the countryside with you. I have a degree in Art from the University of South Carolina. I like to draw old buildings, and new ones with interesting architectural details. ...
[Biography - Jean Ehler - 2Ko - 2007]

  - A group of 8 artists will have an art exhibit during the month of October in the Lusty Gallery of the Orangeburg Fine Arts Center. The opening reception will be held Thursday, October 5, for 6:30 - 8:30pm. Participating artists are Jean Ehler, Pennie...
[Announcement - Jean Ehler - 1Ko - 2006]

  - I believe that contemplation of fine art can be uplifting to the spirit. The countryside is a constant source of inspiration to me. In my paintings I attempt to paint the emotions these scenes bring to me. I find the rich, sumptuous texture of oil pa...
[Biography - Jean Ehler - 3Ko - 2006]