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Portfolio Femi J. Johnson

Portfolio Femi J. Johnson

Femi J. Johnson
Femi J. Johnson
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Addierte 14 März 2007
Addierte 13 März 2007
Addierte 11 März 2007
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hallo pop-pop

stücke von ein mann


die stadt sie schläft

verlust göttlich

die zukunft


Jazz Heute abend

sie wächst sachen

zutreffend krieger

Gesang unten madonna

stark tee

  - Today I envision the world, the universe, and my existence within, as collaged experiences. Layers and fragments from childhood to adult, formal and self-education, adding personal and media influenced worldview with spiritual and practical human ges...
[Biography - Femi J. Johnson - 3Ko - 2007]

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bravo, très beau travail !
J'aime beaucoup votre travail Enfin des collages comme on aimerait en voir sur les sites plus souvent ! beau travail, bravo
(/perso.orange.fr/collages-aliette, 16 April 2007)
Great work!
Hey there stranger, I really love your collage work. It's been a couple of years since I've seen your work on my computer screen, and the initial work you shared was primarily portraiture. It was beautiful of course, as all your work is, but the collage is somehow 'electrified' and very, very exciting stuff. We've known one another for nigh on 45 y.../...
(June, 24 March 2007)