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Eva Kudukhashvili


From childhood until today is the day I draw, I love painting more than himself. My life is entirely devoted to creativity, I live only for art.


I once saw an amazing dream, in a dream that Leonardo da Vinci took me out of the ocean out of water, raised the island to yourself and hugged when I woke up I realized that I was blessed with and my way of showing my angel. When I do a painting I'm the happiest person in the world I sing, I breathe, I feel fine I want people to feel what a great place is the world.


My favorite three themes are ,love, dream and walks.

I'm a Winner,
Great Thanks International Initiatives Invitational - Art Worldwide.
they do everything so that the world and the idol of the art of seeing the works of contemporary artists.


 Cosmo Expressionizm.   My style of art in person at the painting I named as Cosmo Expressionism.

Artworks Media : Canvas - Oil - Oil In Canvas - Oil On Canvas - Painting