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Portfolio Yefim Shestik

Portfolio Yefim Shestik

Yefim Shestik
Yefim Shestik
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"Tenderness "

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Großvater und Enkel

Frau und Baby

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Tango Tanz

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tanzen frauen

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Love Dance

Ballerine 3

  - Yefim Shestik. Yefim Shestik was born in the Ukraine in 1954. Member of Israeli Painters& Sculptors Association. Works and creates in North of Israel. At the year 1971 graduated High Shcool and sports school in town CHERNOVTSY in UKRAINE. In 1973 he has emigrated from Ukraine to Israel ... ART EDUCATION . From 2009 until June 2010 studied computer ...
[Biography - Yefim Shestik - 13Ko - 2018]

  - Dear art lovers! I am glad, that I have the privilege to invite you to see my personal Exhibition named 'Birds" I have added a new artworks This Exhibition will take place at the state of Israel, Tel-Aviv ,str. Daniel Frish, Gallery - MIGDAL. Will long from 11.02.2011 until 31.03.2011 Opening 17.02.20011 at 19.30 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6Qf...
[Announcement - Yefim Shestik - 2Ko - 2015]

  - Yefim Shestik. Yefim Shestik est né en Ukraine en 1954. Membre du Peintres et Sculpteurs israélienne association. Fonctionne et crée dans le nord d'Israël. Au 1971 diplômé Higt Shcool et école de sport de la ville de Tchernivtsi en Ukraine. En 1973, il a émigré de l'Ukraine à Israël ... éDUCATION ARTISTIQUE. De 2009 jusqu'à Juin 2010 étudié Graphic...
[Biography - Yefim Shestik - 9Ko - 2015]

  - Participation in fine art exhibitions. Yefim Shestik's Page
Starting from year 1980 I am participating at different Art exhibitions in Israel. Participation at fine art exhibitions. PERSONAL EXHIBITIONS 1.At the year 1985, I have exposed my Art in solo exhibition , which took place at the town Karmiel in the Union Building , where I have exposed my paintings,drawings,sculptures and Performance size 50 sq. m...
[Page - Yefim Shestik - 6Ko - 2014]

  - THE FIRST HAIFA CARMEL BIENNIAL Dear art lovers! I am glad, that I have the privilege to participate In the FIRST HAIFA CARMEL BIENNIAL at Museum" Af al pi chen" ("up to so" ) In town Haifa,ISRAEL The exhibition will long from 30.08.2011 until 15.09.2011 Opening 30.08.20011 at 18.30 The curator Uzi Uziel The art critic and the world fastest painter...
[Announcement - Yefim Shestik - 2Ko - 2014]

  - Dear art lovers,first, I am glad to announce that my artworks was chosen for art book named At year 2012 my artwoks were included in Contemporary Masters Y art book Page 347 http://www.incoartists.com/Vol_V/index.html Curator and publisher :Eve Lemonidou. At year 2009 ,2010,2011 my artwoks were included in International Contemporary Masters art boo...
[Announcement - Yefim Shestik - 3Ko - 2013]

  - My art Philosophy. . Yefim Shestik's Page
The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance". (Aristotle) "Art completes what Nature cannot bring to finish." (Aristotle) The meaning of the Art. Some modern artists have often put too much input to innovations in the Art and, really had created many art styles and enriched the Art with magnifi...
[Page - Yefim Shestik - 6Ko - 2012]

  - The title of the exhibition is named "Light''. Yefim Shestik's Page
The 22 artist exposed their artwork in gallery Mitham le Amanim in Tel-Aviv T The title of the exhibition is named "Light " were the 22 conteporary artist exhibiting their aartworks paintings, photography , sculptures . in Tel -Aviv at Gallery named "Mitham Le Amanim " the curator of this exhibition Orit Glili . The exhibition begins at 20,30 at da...
[Page - Yefim Shestik - 3Ko - 2012]

  - My art skills and art works. Yefim Shestik's Page
Like you have notice, I work in many styles and technique and mediums.,but my most art works are bronze sculptures . , Dear art lovers,thank You for interesting in my art ! My name is Yefim Shestik, Sculptor, painter and graphic designer. Like you have notice, I work in many styles and technique and mediums. Most art works are bronze sculptures. , ...
[Page - Yefim Shestik - 2Ko - 2012]

  - My art styles Yefim Shestik's Page
In creating my art, I have no preferences to any of art styles,because they are just means to make my art alive. In creating my art I have no preferences to any of art styles ,because they are just means to make my art ideas alive Like you have notice I work in many styles and techcniqe . Some times I create my art works one art style some times ...
[Page - Yefim Shestik - 4Ko - 2012]

  - "HAIFA STAR 2011" award
Mr. YEFIM SHESIK was granted the "HAIFA STAR 2011" award for achievements in a VISUAL ART
[Page - Yefim Shestik - 1Ko - 2011]

  - Dear art lovers, I am glad to announce that me artworks was chosen for art book named 'International Contemporary Masters 2009' pages 115,116,117. http://issuu.com/despina/docs/i nternational_contemporary_master s_2009
[Announcement - Yefim Shestik - 2Ko - 2009]

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This is stunning work. I love all of your work. You are so talented
(Shyla, 23 November 2015)