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Portfolio Vladislav Noxoff

Portfolio Vladislav Noxoff

Vladislav Noxoff
Vladislav Noxoff
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Addierte 27 Juli 2015
Addierte 23 Februar 2012
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Addierte 28 Juni 2010
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Hölzerne Schlange. (Tigerpython)

Neue holz Mask-A geist das heißt byzantinisch . . .

New Holzmaske-Frighten

New Holzmaske-GIN

Hölzern mask-

hölzern schablone-priester

Hölzern mask-War Bildnis

Holzmaske-Die Verzweiflung Iya

Hölzern mask-The Buddhist

hölzern schablone-der lord von seelen

hölzern schablone-knochen ausgabe

Hölzern mask-Friday 13-Jason

hölzern schablone-unschuld

hölzern schablone-schrei

Hölzern mask-War Gry

hölzern schablone-ägypten

hölzern schablone-geschwindigkeit

hölzern schablone-die sonne

hölzern schablone-könig

  - Wooden MASKS. I started making masks a few years ago. It all happened accidentally, when a friend of mine asked me to make a mummer mask so that he could take part in the festival in Pernik. The masks, made for mummer festivities have to be scary, because they chase away bad spirits. This is where the original image, which I gradually started devel...
[Biography - Vladislav Noxoff - 2Ko - 2012]

  - Let me introduce myself!My name is Vladislav Noxoff and I am a Bulgarian master of masks! In my website http://noxoff.com/ I order my wooden sculpture for sale! Visit my web!
[Biography - Vladislav Noxoff - 1Ko - 2012]

Vladislav Noxoff's Gästebuch

Wow. I like it!
Hello. I just wanted to say that I really like your work. Keep it up.
(Whitney, 31 October 2015)
How long did this sculpture take you to create? It is amazing and cool.
(Andy, 21 October 2015)
This is a wonderful sculpture. Some great talent here!
(Audrey, 8 October 2015)
It’s never easy to become a Popular Artist!
Creating an art work is not an easy task. Though I am a new comer for this art world, then also I can feel the pressure right on. However, few artists such as Vladislav Noxoff who have managed to add a new format for the art world or artists like him have always tried to make things better. He started making the masks few years ago. While moving th.../...
(Clide, 10 November 2010)