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Portfolio Michael L. Selley

Portfolio Michael L. Selley

 el Chango Loco is the entity under which I create               Michael L. Selley is the Painter, the Abstract


a series of deeply sculpted reliefs               Expressionist, but also the


inspired by the Pre-Columbian Art               Portrait Artist, the Illustrator,


of the Aztec, Maya, Olmec and                    the Draftsman.  My work is 


many other indigenous peoples                    very eclectic, I enjoy many


of the Americas  This is a project that is very dear to me as it             styles and believe that each


allows me an expression of my cultural heritage.                                   offers its own unique opportunity to express myself.


So you will find here a wide variety of styles and techniques from the primitive sculpting of el Chango Loco... to carefully


rendered portraits... to the passionate expressions of Michael L. Selley.  I hope to bring you all this and more.

Michael L. Selley
Michael L. Selley
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Addierte 7 Januar 2007
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Die Flucht

Chrom plattiert Herz

PLAQUE von Tlaloc

Aztekisch Vogel Motiff

ohne titel Abfassung

untitled compostion

gemalt schädel

leben Tod maske

Maske des Tezcatlipoca

untitled composotion

ohne titel Abfassung

leiter von einem ara

primitives schablone

Olmeken inspiriert maske

Affe datum Furche

Maya Priester Sitzen kreuz beinig

Coyolxauhqui ( Aztekisch Mond Göttin )

Frau von Monkeys Flankiert

nachweinend 9 11

der teufel nach innen

Zusammenfassung Compostion

Zusammensetzung in Braun und Gold

Compostion in rot und gold

mehrfachverbindungsstelle selbst-portraits

aufbau inch rot und gold

[Biography - Michael L. Selley - 9Ko - 2006]

  - Many Styles, One Man
el Chango Loco is the entity under which I create Michae l L. Selley is the Painter, the Abstract a series of deeply sculpted reliefs Expressionist, but also the inspired by the Pre-Columbian Art Portrait Artist, the Illustrator, of the Aztec, Maya, ...
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  - Michael L. Selley An Exhibition of Pre-Columbian Art Reproductions at the TRADITIONAL INDIGENOUS HEALINGS SEMINAR Oct. 10, 2006 6PM - 8Pm Houghton-Jones Center 1708 Johnson St. Saginaw, Michigan ADMISSION $6.00 REFRESHMENTS WILL BE SERVED PRESENTED B...
[Announcement - Michael L. Selley - 3Ko - 2006]

  - Michael L. Selley B orn June 29, 1957 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, of mixed heritage (father French/English, mother Mexican American) and raised in a mid-sized manufacturing community in Michigan. Michael is the third of eight children, eldest of Lawre...
[Biography - Michael L. Selley - 4Ko - 2006]

Michael L. Selley's Gästebuch

MeXicA Artist
great works...you are talented...email me so we can share MeXica arte... tselone.com
(tselone.com, 17 February 2007)
what a fantastic artist! you definitely have a wonderful talent. i'm so glad louisa told me about your site.
(april snarski, 9 December 2006)
Fantastic site!
I really love your multiple self-portrait! It radiates a lot of brilliance and balance. Would love to see more of your abstract and portrait paintings!
(Lesa, 8 December 2006)
great site, awesome art.
(Stephanie, 7 December 2006)
Fantastic Work
Michael, I am so proud of you! your site is fantastic! You are so very talented. With this site the world can now see your very awesome work. Love, Laura
(Laura, 17 October 2006)