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Portfolio Louis-François Alarie

Portfolio Louis-François Alarie

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20101112 01 8X10

20090628 01

20220103 f01 8x10 sein - louis alarie und sein guitarre

20220102 F01 sein - Halten sie die blumen d'orchidée

20090731 03 - Ferrari F458 italien

Don’t sorge mich aufgewickelt diese arbeit won’t töten mich - verkauft .

20211128 F01 11x14 - Vanessa nude bei hut

20210830 - sieger der 29 juni 2021

20090730 A01 22X28

20090320 H01 22X28

20090320 G01 22X28

20080928 G01 22x28 - legen auf Beet von sonne aus von Eins strand desertierte


20080513 G01 22X28

20080927 G05 11X14

20080917 G01 22X28

20080529 G02 22X28

20080400 G01 22X28

20080310 G02 22X28

20080215 AG01 22X28

20080305 G01

20080302 AG01 22X28

20080514 AG01 22x28 - Der kern würfel l’orchidée

20080504 H01 8X16

20080428 G01 22X28

  - Love is what gives you the desire to be at your best. I celebrate life and I name it Art. I work with best quality materials. The composition of my artworks will always make them look better once framed. I provide investment grade registered and certified artworks. The Canadian government used 2 paintings from me to illustrate greetings cards publi...
[Biography - Louis-François Alarie - 2Ko - 2020]

  - L'amour est ce qui nous donne le désir d'être à notre meilleur. Je célèbre la vie et je nomme cela mon art. Je travaille avec des matériaux de qualité. La composition de mes oeuvres les rendra toujours plus belles lorsque encadrées. Je fournis des oeuvres d'art enregistrées et certifiées qui sont un investissement. En 2008, le gouvernement canadien...
[Biography - Louis-François Alarie - 3Ko - 2020]

Louis-François Alarie's Gästebuch

you are great! <3
(Nikky, 12 July 2016)
i like your models, nice work!
(Maggy Br., 5 July 2016)
What fantastic work. A great artist showing off their finest.
(Harriot, 11 March 2016)
Charming work. I think that you are truly one talented person.
(Neve, 9 March 2016)
Classic work. I love it.
(Sandra, 3 March 2016)
Great work
Great work. Amazing to see.
(Nolan F, 26 February 2016)
So cool
This is so cool. I am amazed at what you have done here.
(Fred, 24 February 2016)
What a beauty
What a beauty this is! I think that you have really and totally outdone yourself.
(Jesper, 20 February 2016)
Something different
This piece just speaks to me. What a great addition to the site.
(Glenda, 7 February 2016)
Terrific work! I think that this is a great piece that you have really done well on.
(Sam, 2 February 2016)
Captured the body well
This captured a woman's body so well. Glad that you have shared with masterpiece with us.
(Tate, 12 December 2015)
Wonderful! Wonderful! That is all that I can say as I am impressed.
(Sim, 8 December 2015)
Such detail
This has such detail to it. How long did it take you to complete?
(Austin, 2 December 2015)
Very outstanding
This is outstanding work. I am proud of it for you.
(Kristine, 26 November 2015)
So lifelike
What a great piece. So lifelike and all! I would consider buying it.
(Brent, 23 November 2015)
Hello. Great work!
I just stopped to say hello. I wanted to let you know that I really like your work.
(Tabby, 30 October 2015)
So cool
This is by far one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Keep up the great work! I love it.
(Whitley Robertson, 14 October 2015)
Loving it
This is a good work you have done. I love they way that it looks. Excellent.
(amber, 30 September 2015)
Wow! This is all I can say. You truly have some great talent here that I love.
(Emilee Anne Turns, 28 September 2015)
So life like
This is amazing. You did a great job. So lifelike!!!!
(Sally, 24 September 2015)