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Portfolio Lorne Szmek

Portfolio Lorne Szmek

Lorne Szmek
Lorne Szmek
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abstrakt komposition 25

Moses auf dem Berg Sinai

Methode Absturz

abstrakt komposition 20 wilde blumen


abstrakt komposition 19 liege akte

abstrakt komposition 16 Rautezeichen

abstrakt komposition 18 Groß Oil's Vermächtnis überschwemmungen brände und pestilenz

abstrakt komposition 13 grünlich b

abstrakt komposition 15 runde Löcher platz Stöpsel

abstrakt komposition 11c aufsteigend Kreise

abstrakt komposition 7 kosmisch rabe

Dunkelheit 2bb


apokalypse jetzt




Blitz an der pfanne

9 sterne


  - A partial archive of my digital paintings and sculpural works can now be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/moonsnake53/
[Announcement - Lorne Szmek - 1Ko - 2018]

  - Please view more images at https://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/768839 A partial arcive of my work can be viwed at https://www.facebook.com/moonsnake53/ My name is Lorne Szmek and I have been living in the Vancouver area since 1973. I have been creating art ever since I was a small child and I have always had a vivid and elaborate imaginatio...
[Biography - Lorne Szmek - 5Ko - 2018]

  - .” Peace Arch News Creativity inspires new outlet for artist By Alex Browne - Peace Arch News Published: December 16, 2008 1:00 PM Lorne Szmek used to be a machinist.That’s evident from the skill with which he uses power tools such as band saws and r...
[Announcement - Lorne Szmek - 6Ko - 2008]

  - -- News Release-- Lorne Szmek, a Surrey resident , has won acceptance into the prestigious American Juried Art Salon's 2008 Spring-Summer show. The accepted work is titled " Evolution. " It is a digital pixel art print and can be viewed at http://ww....
[Announcement - Lorne Szmek - 2Ko - 2008]

Lorne Szmek's Gästebuch

I like the shapes that you depicted) And the colors seem to mesmerize =)))
(Nila, 28 October 2019)
Great work on this. Truly amazing to see what you have to offer.
(Wendall, 14 March 2016)
Great colors
Hello you have used some great colors on this. I love the way you combined it all together.
(Ellie, 23 January 2016)
Hello great painting
Hello. How are you? Great painting if I do say so myself.
(Eva, 21 November 2015)
Work is great
Hello I am Rudy. I just wanted to say that you have done some great work here.
(Rudy A., 2 November 2015)
What nice work you have done. I love it.
(Deliah, 23 October 2015)
Interesting piece
This is a great and interesting piece. I love the colors and the shapes that are used in this.
(Holly Sue P., 9 October 2015)
I love your work a lot. I find that you are a great artist with some powerful talent. Keep up the hard work.
(Randy M., 6 October 2015)
Wants a print
I would love to have one of these prints. IT is colorful and bright and just cheers me up.
(Beau, 28 September 2015)
Colors I love
You have created a piece with some stunning colors that I just love! Amazing to me and all my friends love it as well!
(Tally, 27 September 2015)
I couldn't imagine that this bright autumn picture was created on computer! It seems to be depict by.../...

(Victoria, 29 October 2013)
The picture is full of color.
It represents all the beauty of the autumn, it's charm and brightness.
(Melinda, 29 October 2013)