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Portfolio Happach Bozena

Portfolio Happach Bozena

Happach Bozena
Happach Bozena
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  - Violoniste Happach Bozena's Page
The soul of this sculpture is best described by Stanislaw Kapuscinski in his poem "Violin Concerto": And with this final chord she froze in utter stillness cast from hot, flowing bronze, chiseled in solid ice. I held my breath––my heart and soul she’s won… For though her bow stopped moving… …her violin played on. A hesitant vibrato, stronger,
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  - Throughout her training at the College of Fine Arts and thereafter (until 1981), Bozena Happach studied sculpture under Elzbieta Szczodrowska. The extensive experience has allowed the artist to explore a broad spectrum of figurative arts, and resulted in a profound study of autonomous as well relief forms of expression. It also afforded Bozena Happ...
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  - Tout au long de sa formation au Collège des Beaux-Arts et ensuite (jusqu'en 1981), Bozena Happach étudié la sculpture sous Elzbieta Szczodrowska. La vaste expérience a permis à l'artiste d'explorer un large éventail d'arts figuratifs, et a abouti à une étude approfondie des formes autonomes ainsi de secours d'expression. Il a également donné Bozena...
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  - Citizenship: Canadian Education: School of Plastic Arts, Gdansk, Poland. The Gdansk Polytechnic: Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering Study of sculpture in the studio of Elzbieta Szczodrowska Membership: RAAV, Atelier 213, CSQ. Competitions: Competition for digital images ACTS OF KINDNESS - Italy, 2013 (finalist) Kingsbrae Garden Sculpture...
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  - Born in Poland. She acquired professional training in Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Gdansk and the Art studio of Elzbieta Szczodrowska. Later she obtained a degree in Engineering and Masters degree in Architecture at the Gdansk Polytechnique. ;Since her ar...
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Serdeczne pozdrowienia z Lübeck/Niemcy. Z przyjemnoscia obejrzalem Pani prace. Zycze powod...
Serdeczne pozdrowienia z Lübeck/Niemcy. Z przyjemnoscia obejrzalem Pani prace. Zycze powodzenia. Krzysztof Miler
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