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Portfolio Farnaz Jahanbin

Portfolio Farnaz Jahanbin

Farnaz Jahanbin
Farnaz Jahanbin
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Addierte 20 mögen 2010
Addierte 13 mögen 2010
Addierte 15 Februar 2010
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Tanz von persisch alphabet

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aufbau mit perser kalligraphie

mein persisches Nastaligh

komposition mit persisch alphabete

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tanz mit alphabete

tanz Ankopplung alphabete

miauen persisch kalligraphie

mein persisches kalligraphie tanz von alphabete

  - l am Farnaz Jahanbin,born and live in Iran/Tehran.l've graduated in Graphic Arts(MA).,... do interior designing and painting.l love creating new modern formes of persian and arabic alphabet like nastaligh,kofic,sonboli,...calligraphy.you can contact me by my email rose11162@yahoo.com or farnaz120@yahoo.com also my phone number is: 0098-912-8163686 ...
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Braavo !!
That's really adorable................awesome art works .................congratulations on such a fantastic taste and talent. I have a comment on your introduction ; it's wrong to name component of your valuable art work as Arabic alphabets and Arabic calligraphy ; All these are Iranian characters ;let's be a real guardian for our cultural herit.../...
(Parham, 30 May 2010)