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Portfolio Dari Artist

Portfolio Dari Artist

Dari Artist
Dari Artist
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Addierte 8 Juni 2006
Addierte 30 mögen 2006
Addierte 29 mögen 2006
Addierte 2 mögen 2005
Addierte 25 Februar 2005
Addierte 27 Oktober 2004
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Künstler in Love

Ein Herz und Übrige

Ein Herz und Übrige

athena maquette

Frau Entwickeln IV

Frau Entwickeln III

frau entwickeln ICH ICH

frau entwickeln ICH ICH

Woman I Evolve

Frieden in der Heim





das Dorf

Musik 2

Musik 1

Der Andere Side 2

das andere Side1

  - Dari Caplan was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1957 and lives on a wine farm near Somerset West. Dari's main inspirations have been Man Ray, her 'friend in spirit', with his diverse ideas of art and his non-acceptance of narrow parameters, the impressionists Pissaro, Monet, Van Gogh and Signac as well as the expressionists Max Pechstein and ...
[Biography - Dari Artist - 3Ko - 2005]

  - The Wider Truth
A Roundabout route to Art A roundabout route to art Before I could become a serious artist, there were a couple of demons I had to exorcise. For 35 years I had sketched, painted and doodled, but I had thrown away whatever I had drawn. The reason? Squalor! Poverty! Sexual encounters ! Firstly, a distorted, learnt idea that artists generally were a d...
[Page - Dari Artist - 8Ko - 2004]

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Great Piece Of Art Work! Loved It!
It Look's Just Perfect! Detailing From Edge's And Giving It Shape, Well Done!
(Steven, 23 August 2015)