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Portfolio Allan Linder

Portfolio Allan Linder

Allan Linder
Allan Linder
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Nonagon : Anzahl 1 , Erwachen

Nonagon : Anzahl 2 , Grundstein

Nonagon : Anzahl 3 , Zuflucht

zeit zu fliege

Die Reichlich Abenteuer



Papier Boot


leuchtendes vista

Brooklyn Türme

gewerkschaft platz

voran von masse


im stadtzentrum gelegen blau

Die Red Bar

rot regenschirm

samstag nacht Sonate


wächter von wissen

Die Notwendigkeit für heiße Tage

Taxi Taxi Bekenntnisse


geführt durch licht


  - Allan Linder Exhibits new paintings at the Hoorn-Ashby Gallery in New York City New York , NY : Allan Linder exhibits new paintings at the Hoorn-Ashby Gallery located at 700 Madison Ave.New York, NY10021. The title of the exhibition is “Summer in the City” featuring only scenes of New York City. An excerpt from a critique of the painting titled “Do...
[Announcement - Allan Linder - 4Ko - 2021]

  - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: http://www.eclecticpress.org/ email: eclecticpress@gmail.com " Allan Linder 20th century and beyond ” coffee table art book published by Eclectic Press New York, NY, Eclectic Press is pleased to announce that it has published a new art book on the life work of celebrated international artist Allan Linder. Allan Linder...
[Announcement - Allan Linder - 4Ko - 2021]

  - Allan Linder (1966, California, United States) makes paintings, drawings, digital work, mixed media artworks, sculpture and much more. With a conceptual approach, Linder absorbs the tradition of making art into a daily practice. This personal follow-up and revival of a past tradition is important as an act of meditation. His collected, altered and ...
[Biography - Allan Linder - 3Ko - 2021]

  - Exhibitions He is currently exhibiting in New York City where he resides. For more than 30 years, he has exhibited internationally in Hamburg, Germany Sao Paulo, Brazil Paris, France, and Barcelona, Spain to name a few. His artwork is held in private collections in the US from New York City, to Los Angeles, California. He has international collecto...
[Biography - Allan Linder - 17Ko - 2021]

  - Press Release: Allan Linder will be exhibiting original pieces of mail-art at The Arts Council of Greater New Haven, CT Art Gallery In an International group exhibition titled Wishing You Were Here. The exhibition runs from May 9, 2007 - June 27, 2007. A reception for the artists will be held on Saturday, June 9 from 5-8 PM held in conjunction with...
[Announcement - Allan Linder - 3Ko - 2021]

  - The Notable American Artist Allan Linder recently exhibited paintings from his New York Collection at the Architectural digest Home Design Show in New York City. Allan Linder has strived for nearly three decades to hone and perfect his style and skil...
[Announcement - Allan Linder - 2Ko - 2007]

  - Allan Linder was born in 1966, the great grandson of Italian Immigrants. His father deserted his family when Linder was only eight years of age, leaving Linder and his three siblings to be raised in a nomadic lifestyle that prominently plays a role i...
[Biography - Allan Linder - 4Ko - 2007]