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Portfolio Vladanovic

Portfolio Vladanovic


  - Born in the Balkans. A diary for images in which one writes indeed to himself looking for the necessary separation to understand him. www.vladanovic.eu
[Biography - Vladanovic - 1Ko - 2016]

Vladanovic's Gästebuch

very interesting gallery, you are talent!
(Alice Mirror, 22 June 2016)
Veritable art
I really like your work, it is impossible to look away, it attracts my attention. I was looking at it almost an hour!
(Mike, 22 March 2016)
"Mr. of the empty 3"
Hello. I just wanted to tell you that you have done great work on this! Excellent job.
(Julie, 2 March 2016)
Good work on this. I appreciate the true beauty of it.
(Sonya, 21 February 2016)
Totally awesome
Totally awesome work. I love what you have done.
(Dalyvynn, 11 December 2015)
Digital art
This digital art is wonderful. I think that you are truly talented.
(Becky, 11 December 2015)
A true favorite
This is a true favorite of mine. Looks great.
(Angie, 21 November 2015)

Kunstwerke Stilrichtungen : Die Figurative - Surrealismus - Surrealismus Kunst - Surréalisme
Kunstwerke Medien : Carta - Freibrief - Karte - Papier
Preise : 150 - 199 Euros