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Portfolio Jocelyn Van Breda

Portfolio Jocelyn Van Breda




Jocelyn Van Breda
Jocelyn Van Breda

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Fine art by Jocelyn Van Breda Oeuvres de Jocelyn Van Breda Jocelyn Van Breda Jocelyn Van Breda Jocelyn Van Breda Jocelyn Van Breda Jocelyn Van Breda Jocelyn Van Breda Jocelyn Van Breda

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Addierte 1 September 2008
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Addierte 15 Oktober 2007
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marktfrau 7

marktfrau 6

marktfrau 3

marktfrau 1

rot tee topf 2

Reda tee topf 1

blume tee schale 2

blume tee schale 1

blume tee topf und schale

Blau und Greena Kaffee Tassen 3

Takt 4

Takt 3

Takt 2

die Uhr 1

das oval

Der Schwimmer

der glotzen bruch

der reisend Geschäftsmann

der chinese dame

der mann

die dame

mein hund 6

mein hund 5

dame mit der lila hut

der friseur

  - I will be at Zoo Lake Johannesburg, for artists under the sun on the 3and4th October.
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  - I was born and live in beautiful South Africa . My studio is in a corner of my home in Durban on the East Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. I have a passion for bright colours and love to paint just about anything. I plan my paintings with a pencil drawing, m...
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  - Jozi Paintings by Jocelyn van Breda
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Jocelyn Van Breda's Gästebuch

Brilliant Jozi! I especially enjoy your "Men at work" series. You are extremely talented and the joy you get from painting reflects in your work. I will have to start saving up! Love Engela
(Engela Bloch, 22 July 2008)
Well Done my friend!!! I am so proud of you and all your wonderful work, you are an inspiration. I am looking forward to seeing your work on expo in Cape Town give me a call when you get here. Much Love J
(Jax, 19 March 2007)
Your Art
Congratulations, your gallery looks great. I almost feel I know you I relate so much to it ;-).
(Sharleen Boaden, 8 March 2007)