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Portfolio Ingrid Stiehler

Portfolio Ingrid Stiehler

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New Species Of The 20th Century
tradition alive
thermal updraft
Gefühl der Zusammengehörigkeit
feel the sun...
The New Woman - multi-talented and independent
Peace on Earth
Tradition Meets Technology III
The Core
What type of sport do you prefer
Keep Distance to the Polar King
Tradition Meets Technology II
"catch the moment", 75 cm x 115 cm, Acrylic on Canvas,
Schnappschuss an Takt 3 Hollywood begegnet Geschichte ein
Peace Is Sexy
Loveable Tippler
Bikers Dream
entsinne ihr anfangs bedeutung
Schnappschuss an Takt

  - My intensive work in art I began with landscape photography , when I studied at the academy of administration and business in NRW (Germany). Inspired by the different trends of the cultures of Asia, Africa and North America, I combined new impressions and traditional techniques learned in many journeys. My approach is, to learn by doing my endeavo...
[Biography - Ingrid Stiehler - 8Ko - 2010]

  - BIENNALE OF CHIANCIANO 160 Artists from all over the world in Chianciano The Exhibition is located over four floors of the museum, occupying 200 square metres and gathers together the most important new talent and emerging artists from all over the w...
[Announcement - Ingrid Stiehler - 2Ko - 2009]