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Portfolio Everett Spruill

Portfolio Everett Spruill

Everett Spruill
Everett Spruill

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Fine art by Everett Spruill Oeuvres de Everett Spruill Everett Spruill Everett Spruill Everett Spruill Everett Spruill Everett Spruill Everett Spruill Everett Spruill

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jimi hendrix

Lil Tiger

Ich Sings Da Blues

Vögelchen putten

Jammin n Rhythm

Me and Carol 25. Dezember 1965


Billys World

Memphis Blau

toll Schlagzeuger

Jazz im City View

Dizzy Gillespie

trompete Mann im

Stillleben mit Calla-Lilien

in ein gefühlsduselig stimmung

African Serengeti - ein

African Serengeti - b

Matriarchin #2

mädchen in rot schuhe


Ray Charles

Ich Sings Da Blues # 2

Birth of Cool

Old School Jazz

  - Everett Spruill 7927 Village Green Road Orlando, Florida 32818-8952 (407)-754-6133 EverettSpruill@bellsouth.net www.everett-spruill.artistwebsites.com Everett Spruill was born in Birmingham, Alabama January 30, 1954. After graduating High School at George Washington Carver, in Birmingham, Everett was accepted at Berea College in Kentucky, where he ...
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Your work is a combination of classic and improvistation, the brilliance and vibrance of colors are stricking and defining.
(Alvin, 15 December 2006)
ArtsCad Art Critic
Spruill’s art has been sold at Disney’s Epcot Center, and he’s done art for the first and second Black Heritage Celebrations, making him a well-known contemporary, abstract and traditional painter. He has also done workshops for Central Florida’s youth, and was a former owner of the Ethnic Art Gallery, Orlando, Florida. However, his first career wa.../...
(ArtsCad Art Critic, 24 February 2006)