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Portfolio Evakudukhashvili Elizarova

Portfolio Evakudukhashvili Elizarova

  I have created my own movement in art, that is called Cosmo Expressionism. It is my painting created by pure colours by one breath and quick strokes. I myself make grout for carton or Canvas . I have had a lot of exhibitions where I have sold a lot of  paintings.  When my teacher Edmond Kalandadze saw my exhibition catalogue he said “ 
 “ if you lived in a normal country your one painting would be sold in million dollars prices”
I am sure that this time will come soon.
...vakudukhashvili Elizarova
...vakudukhashvili Elizarova
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, , Seiten von dem meer in der Sozopol''

, , Cicino "

, , Beer-making im Tsitelubani''

, , Waldes "

kinder von Beschaffenheit

, , wir "

, , Gehen "

, , liebe "

, , Parul Danga''

, , morning''

die welt selbstporträt


Moscow- fluss

nacht in Mzcheta



, , tanz in wood''


Frau mit einem golden haar




ausgelassen Blumenstrauß

der feuer von der sonne


  - MY COSMOEXPRESSIONIZM Страница Evakudukhashvili Elizarova
I Am Artist Eva Elizarova Kudukhashvili My painting is a miracle and I have called this miracle GOSMIC EKSPRESS . in my paintings you can find life compositions, what I see and feel, each painting has its owns history. great energy, beauty, air, wetness, colour brightness, movement, sounds,pureness of mastekhin, mixing colours. my former painters d...
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  - I am Eva Elizarova- Kudukhashvili, painter. I was born in in Gori, in the village Tsitelubani, Georgia. I graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts faculty of painting . I have created my own movement in art, that is called Cosmo Expressionism. It is my painting created by pure colours by one breath and quick strokes. Life is short but art is ev...
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  - Biography of Eva Elizarova Kudukhashvili internacional artist Eva Elizarova Kuduxashvili has her direction in painting. It is kosmoekspressionizm Eva Elizarova Kudukhashvili - a member of several art associations, including:1994-INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ARTISTSCERTIFICATE # 3185. 1995-Professional Union of Artists of Russia. 1995-Professional Un...
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  - I'm a Creative, professional artist, a painter. member INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ARTISTS.UNECCO member of the PROFESSIONAL UNION OF ARTISTS Moscow. member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists. member of the Union of Artists of Georgia I am from Georgia,and was graduated from the Art Academy in Tbilisi. in the Art I have my school,,,COSMO EXPR...
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