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Portfolio De Yong

Portfolio De Yong

De Yong
De Yong

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Fenster of Opportunity ( teil of der " Einfuhr " serie )


ställe und teich

rotes dach häuschen


grau stall 2

grau scheune 1

verwirrt herauf innen blau

rot platte

"Bitter Morgen

Sommer 2

Sommer 1

mit datum

primas 1



Dorf 2

new mexiko stilleben

Signal , AZ . 1900


verspielt Mond


der dorf

monochrom blumenstrauß

monochrom Gesellschaft

  - I've been involved in the arts forever. As an award winning photographer, a fiber artist and painter, I have explored many facets of art. Believing that we are a sum of many parts, I attempt to bring these sensibilities into my work. My works that are often influenced by Jewish heritage, southwestern upbringing, and stories, current and past. Some ...
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your art and understanding therein and thereof..,
Let us speak - mail if time and interest is forthcoming - lets start a movement as they did in the early 1900´s - ?
(Dennis, 3 April 2007)