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Portfolio Carmen Cordova

Portfolio Carmen Cordova


The Sacrifice
Sein Name ist Jesus
Spiritual Schutz
Kuan Yin-Göttin der Barmherzigkeit
Heilige Barbara
Kali Ma
A Gathering of Spirits
Das Gesicht des Buddha
Gott beobachtet
Love Thy Mutter
Das Gesicht der Chango
Afrikanische Frau-2
Hathor-ägyptische Göttin
mutter und kind
afrikanische frau
dunkel medizin buddha
medizin buddha

  - Spiritual Tales- A book inspired by spirits. Contains several spiritual tales.
Negativity -A Love Story It was mid-morning and a fresh morning breeze had just arrived, scenting the air with a sweet, calming fragrance. Once again, it was a glorious day in the kingdom of God. Faith, Hope, and Charity were saying their farewells to their younger sister, Negativity. They were on their way to perform a charitable mission in one of...
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  - In order to understand the meaning behind my paintings, it is important to go to www.spiritual-healing-artwork-4u.com . There you will be able to read the stories related to the paintings. Each painting has been inspiried by spirit. Additionally, go to Spiritual Healing Artwork on Facebook. Hope, you enjoy my spiritual artwork as well as the storie...
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  - I would like to invite all to visit two new additions to my website. Visit www.spiritual-healing-artwork-4u.com/spirit-guide-paintings.html and www.spiritual-healing-artwork-4u.com/medicine-spirit.html . Hope, you enjoy it. Thank you.
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Carmen Cordova

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