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Eastern Star

Were you a guardian angel who kept watch over the helpless mother and Child ? Surealworld Illustrations
31 Juli 2009

  Oh Eastern Star, that shines so bright in the dark night .
        You were the guiding light , that lead the shepherds  to the new born Child Of
        Hope .
       Who one day will wash our crimson stained lives whiter then snow !

       Oh Eastern Star, that shined  so bright in that dark night .
       Were you a guardian angel, who kept watch over the helpless mother and
      Child ?

      Oh Eastern Star , that shine so bright on that first Christmas night .
       Were you God's crier,
       who proclaimed the arrival of His gift of deliverance to creation
       From the curse of sin ?
      Oh Eastern Star, that shined so bright in that dark night .
      I am thinking of you tonight ,
     While I gaze upon this cold starry night !

     My hart is warmed by the Holy Spirit ,
     as I give thanks and praise, to God' fore sending us His Son !

      Silent Songs: written by Stephen J. Vattimo
      December 24 , 1994

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