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Australia Artist Kim Philipsen

Australia Artist Kim Philipsen love capturing the spirit in Native faces and when it comes to Portrait his works spesks for itself. Fine Art Pen and Ink Kim Philipsen
6 März 2007


Australian Artist       Kim Philipsen

About Kim Philipsen

In 1964 the stars were shining bright, and a handsome little devil was born. Danish artist Kim Philipsen's greatest love is capturing the spirit, in the face of Natives. Kim moved to Spain at the age of 12 where he met many artists. He realized that he wanted to become a portrait artist. 21 years young, Kim went to the Philippines where he met master artist Rick Gonzales. Kim and Rick became great friends, and Kim studied there for 4 years drawing and painting still life, landscapes, seascapes, and so on, and so Kim learned, as they did in the old days. It was easy to travel with pen and paper, and when Kim was in need of money, he did a portrait.Kim Philipsen Byron Bay Artist

For 15 years he went all over the World, having a good time, doing his art, and enjoying every moment. It was during these travels that Kim would happen upon the right face at the right time and deliver a stunning portrait. Today, Kim is no longer living amongst the starving artists but rather chooses to call the community of Byron Bay, on the North coast of Australia, his home. Kim has had 2 galleries in the past, but now enjoys doing his art from home or while travelling. Kim sells his work to galleries, in Australia, America, and Europe, and to private collectors. He also sells his artwork on cards, prints, T-shirts, and he will sell to anyone with money. Kim welcomes those that are interested in purchasing his original work to contact him with prices starting at $1000. One thing is for sure the prices are always going up and never down!

Kim Philipsen

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Kunstwerke Stilrichtungen : Porträt - Realismus - Realistisch - Traditionell
Kunstwerke Themen : Frau - Menschen - Porträt - Realismus - Töpferware - Vase
Kunstwerke Medien : Druck - Kugelschreiber - Tinten
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