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Portfolio Yannis Stavrou

Portfolio Yannis Stavrou

Yannis Stavrou
Yannis Stavrou
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Addierte 8 März 2005
Addierte 4 November 2004
Addierte 1 November 2004
Addierte 31 Oktober 2004
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vier äpfel

Griechische maler , yannis tsarouchis

tor der hydras

zwei schiffe


Nach regen , Thessaloniki

am anchorage

sonntag promenade

tor der hydras


Monastiraki , Athen

griechenland inch farben

Diagonios , Thessaloniki's stadt zentrum

nach regen , Thessaloniki

  - Yannis Stavrou ( http://yannisstavrou.blogspot.c om ) was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1948. He originally studied sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts before painting won him over. He currently lives and works in Athens. He has done thirt...
[Biography - Yannis Stavrou - 23Ko - 2009]

  - Yannis Stavrou - Solo Painting Exhibition - Hydra island Yannis Stavrou's solo painting exhibition, under the title "Landscapes of Hydra Island", at "Kivotos" Art Gallery, Hydra, Greece. July 1, 2005 - October 15, 2005 Opening hours: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m...
[Announcement - Yannis Stavrou - 2Ko - 2005]

  - Yannis Stavrou One day Solo Painting Exhibition, under the title "Excursion", at the artist's studio, at the foot of Hymetus mountain. Saturday, April 16, 2005, from 12 am to 9pm. Address: 4 Georhary Street, Paiania 19002, Attica, Greece. Contact Inf...
[Announcement - Yannis Stavrou - 2Ko - 2005]

  - Solo Painting Exhibition under the Title "Oil Colours" December 9, 2004 - January 8, 2005 "METAMORFOSIS" Art Gallery, 12 Chr.Smirnis St, 54621 Thessaloniki, Greece Tel. +30 2310 264365 Fax +30 2310 264730 Visiting hours: 10am-2pm / 6pm-9:30pm daily M...
[Announcement - Yannis Stavrou - 2Ko - 2004]

Yannis Stavrou's Gästebuch

Hi Yannis, My wife and I got a very nice surprise today. She found you on the web and re...
Hi Yannis, My wife and I got a very nice surprise today. She found you on the web and realized that our painting is the one on your homepage. We purchased it in May of 200 in a gallery on Hydra while we were on our honeymoon.. You also sent us an assortment of prints, two of which we bordered our original with and two we passed along to other fam.../...
([From Guestbook], 20 October 2005)
A Norman Rockwell..You are not..More detail is needed
A Norman Rockwell..You are not..More detail is needed
([From Guestbook], 16 February 2005)