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Portfolio Vijay Bhai Kochar

Portfolio Vijay Bhai Kochar

Vijay Bhai Kochar
Vijay Bhai Kochar

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Fine art by Vijay Bhai Kochar Oeuvres de Vijay Bhai Kochar Vijay Bhai Kochar Vijay Bhai Kochar Vijay Bhai Kochar Vijay Bhai Kochar Vijay Bhai Kochar Vijay Bhai Kochar Vijay Bhai Kochar

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  - I was fond of painting from childhood. I joined Kalabhavan (College of Fine Arts) at Tagore's university at Santiniketan in 1951 but after some months I was shifted to the graduate school due to family compulsions. For six years at Santiniketan, firs...
[Biography - Vijay Bhai Kochar - 8Ko - 2005]

  - I am 73 years old from Hindu family of north India settled in Hyderabad, India. I believe in a universal 'religion of man-in-nature' that transcends the narrow limits of physical world into the world of sublime For someone who had close encounter wit...
[Biography - Vijay Bhai Kochar - 4Ko - 2005]

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Possible long-lost office partner at Johns Hopkins University (1973-1974)
Dear Dr. Kochar - I may have the wrong person, but I shared an office with a Vijay Kochar in the Department of Pathobiology at Johns Hopkins University during the 1974-1975 academic year. I have always wondered what happened to him. If you are the same Vijay Kochar, let's catch up on the intervening 32 years! Craig
(Craig Barnett, 28 November 2006)
ArtsCad Art Critic
Kochar began painting at an early age. At the College of Fine Arts at Tagore’s University at Santiniketican, he was shifted to the graduate program due to family concerns and began teaching there for six years. He received degrees in Literature and Anthropology, but didn’t come back to art until near the end of his career. To come back was almost a.../...
(ArtsCad Art Critic, 28 February 2006)