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Portfolio Tate Sisters

Portfolio Tate Sisters

Tate Sisters
Tate Sisters

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Addierte 1 Juli 2007
Addierte 14 September 2006
Addierte 13 September 2006
Addierte 3 September 2006
Addierte 18 Februar 2006
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Blau Kerplunk


liebe ideen

positiv ideen

Worte der Liebe

twinkle star


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quadrate innerhalb quadrate

jedermann dose



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Worte der Liebe

flatternd herz


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  - Tate Sisters Review
The Tate sisters opened a show of their new work at the Pool Bar in Shoreditch last week. Having worked together in London since 1997, their trademark style of recent years has been the incorporation of words onto the painted surface, something carri...
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  - TWO - Art that demands a second look Two’s company two heads are better than one there are two sides to every story. The Tate Sisters are two siblings, living in two separate countries, working together as artists with one vision and twice the inspir...
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  - The Tate Sisters Biography Emeline and Claudia Tate are two sisters and artists, living in two separate countries. They work together with one vision and twice the inspiration. Words, colours, and images are used to express their ideas - which are in...
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