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Portfolio Tanja Henn

Portfolio Tanja Henn

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Drei Elfen
Creme l Ardennes
behütend schlangen
Eine Person
Heilige Tiere
Ying Yang Faces
abstraktes Werk 01
Zwei Elfen
Schnappschuss des Mystic

  - Tanja Henn De Wittenstraat 61 c 1052 AM Amsterdam The Netherlands website : www.lightaffectableart.com email : lightaffectableart@gmail.com Light Affectable Art In twilight all colours grey ‑ or so they say. Black is not a colour, it is the absorption of Light. White is the reflection of Light. Therefore colour is not a characteristic of paint the...
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This page is about my Fotocollages ! vascript:mctmp(0) Life is one big Foto Collage. A lot of different aspects packed in smal and big fragments sometimes more in the back than again totally upfront. Cut out from all the realities we know and dont know. And when you looking at it you choose your own collection just fitting in your frame and that i...
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  - Tanja Henn - Kitchen Art Tanja Henn's Page
The fascination of beans.... Kitchen Art Being a mother means for me to stand more often in the kitchen than usually. After accepting the role, my eyes went open to all the wonderful colours and forms you can find. My eye was caught by seeds, rice, beans and peas etc. and I started to visiualize mandalas and mozaiks. Here the result:
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Tanja Henn

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