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Portfolio Sidhe Forest

Portfolio Sidhe Forest

Sidhe Forest
Sidhe Forest

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Fine art by Sidhe Forest Oeuvres de Sidhe Forest Sidhe Forest Sidhe Forest Sidhe Forest Sidhe Forest Sidhe Forest Sidhe Forest Sidhe Forest

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gruselig kürbis Korrektur

golden hell augen


fett und hässlich

Dunkel Safari

Es war einmal Ein monster-

anblicke von herrlichkeit

Shh . . . I'm eine eule


Waldes IU2-b4

Waldes IU2-b

Waldes IU2-b

Waldes IU2

auf ihr flügel

Ein Differant Art von Liebe

liebe lied


helles blau augen


in anfangend Ich war mich

  - Who: Sidhe Kalas - Sidheforest Art What: New Exhibition When: July 18, 2008 6:00pm Where: CosmicTies  in Newport, TN
[Announcement - Sidhe Forest - 1Ko - 2008]

  - Acrylic Glazing
A glaze is simply a thin, transparent layer of paint and glazing is simply building up color by applying thin, transparent layers one of top of another, dry layer. Each glaze tints or modifies those beneath it. So why is glazing something that can tr...
[Page - Sidhe Forest - 7Ko - 2008]

  - Greetings Fellow Earthlings! I am Sidhe Kalas. If I were rich I would get to be eccentric, but I am simply weird and a bit twisted. At least that’s what my kids tell me. I grew up in a family of extremely talented artists. I drew stick people and not...
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