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Portfolio Purple Sky

Portfolio Purple Sky

Purple Sky
Purple Sky

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Addierte 10 August 2016
Addierte 5 August 2016
Addierte 4 August 2016
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  - I am Jagjeet Kaur and I am an artist by choice . I quit my job as a Vice President of Human resources with a multi national company to persue my passion for photography and art . My first exhibition paved my way forward to be a full time artist as 7 out of my 10 works were sold . With my beginer's lady luck on my side my portfolio now includes abst...
[Biography - Purple Sky - 2Ko - 2016]

  - My name is Jagjeet Kaur and am an artist by choice . I worked for 15 years with multi national corporates helping organisations with their people development initiatives but was always driven towards creating art and photography . I quit my job and started my art gallary - Purple Sky Arts and have never felt more alive . My first exhibition compris...
[Biography - Purple Sky - 2Ko - 2016]