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Portfolio Nick Lywood

Portfolio Nick Lywood

Nick Lywood
Nick Lywood
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Eine kleine Familie Mana Pools in Simbabwe

Ist dieser Stuhl genommen .. Mana Pools in Simbabwe

Untergehenden Sonne Afrikas

Giants Castle Drakensberg

Das Tal erwartet den Sturm Südafrika

Last of the Water


Sabie Fluss , Krüger im nationalpark , süden afrika

ruhig abend

alleine in seinem welt

Elefant - sein wasser Simbabwe

anhängig sturm

Sonnenaufgang Sambesi fluss Simbabwe

einsam elefant Sonnenuntergang

das ende des tags wasser loch Simbabwe

  - I was born and raised on a farm in Zimbabwe. On finishing school, I joined the Police Force for 9 years, then went farming. I later went into tourism and commercial fishing on Lake Kariba, spending 9 years there. Having spent my life in Africa, I then moved with my family to the UK in 2000. Painting is a gift I've always had, and never done much wi...
[Biography - Nick Lywood - 2Ko - 2010]

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From fellow African
You are so talented. It should be promoted more widely accross the world.... Lovely work of Art!!!!
(Hettie, 7 May 2012)