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Portfolio Katrina Sjoberg

Portfolio Katrina Sjoberg

Katrina Sjoberg
Katrina Sjoberg

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Blätter auf Ein wein

My Piano Redline


Pfeilspitzen in Flight II

Blumen-Wagen Explosion VERKAUFT

östlich burg

Desert Sands

Checks n Curves

Versteckte Chaos

Bluegreen Fenster

Bleeding Hearts

Sind wir nicht Herrlicher

Blut Christi

heilig herz

feuer und eis

Silber Organismen

baum des lebens

Tuscan Birdbath VERKAUFT

Weg zur Erleuchtung

meine dame an rot Sessel

morgendämmerung Ein neu tag

Colorwheel Floral VERKAUFT

Perlen N' Backenbart

african savanna

  - Hello Art Enthusiast! I have had a dream and a vision for some time now, that I would be selling all my artworks in my current inventory to a prominent and large palace-like home with large walls to display my art. There are between 75 and 85 original designs in my gallery, all displayed in a custom-built rack. I would love to find a buyer for my f...
[Announcement - Katrina Sjoberg - 2Ko - 2018]

  - My Goal This Summer Katrina Sjoberg's Page
My goal this summer is to find homes, that is to sell, at least 10 of my art quilts. Hello! Sometimes, in an artist's process, one must pause and reflect on what is happening to the creative flow. I have now been in such a phase for about a year. Many other things have happened in my life which made it very hard to create new art pieces. Whether it...
[Page - Katrina Sjoberg - 3Ko - 2014]

  - Two Ladies by the Seaside Katrina Sjoberg's Page
When I sit at the computer in my loft/atelier apartment I can look at two of my largest artworks on the tall wall in front of me. They are called 'Spring Has Sprung' and 'Two Ladies by the Seaside'. I'm wondering when they will find new homes? For over two years while in the process of moving to Vasa, Finland, I was unable to have the artworks disp...
[Page - Katrina Sjoberg - 3Ko - 2011]

  - O Son of Love! Inspiration from the Baha'i Writings Katrina Sjoberg's Page
I had this image in my sketchbook but no idea of what style or which fabrics to use. This often happens when I sketch ideas, as I often do early mornings. I sometimes gets images as I read inspirational prayers and verses from the Baha'i Holy Writings. So the images sometimes seem very unrelated but there is very strong symbology that comes with th...
[Page - Katrina Sjoberg - 2Ko - 2011]

  - The Miracle of Everything Katrina Sjoberg's Page
Some thoughts on miracles here and now. To many people the Internet and the interconnection we now have with everyone online via social pages, galleries, blogs, etc. is already a normal thing, part of life, nothing special. But for me, this whole new way of connecting with the world is a real miracle brought on by the demands of the times. What dem...
[Page - Katrina Sjoberg - 3Ko - 2011]

  - Artist's Statement As an artist always looking for inspiration, I turn to nature over and over. Whether I'm working with hundreds of tiny fabric squares trying to find just the right shade of color, a different hue or tone, I seem to gravitate to all fabrics depicting natural settings of trees, bushes, and flowers, usually finding the exact color I...
[Biography - Katrina Sjoberg - 16Ko - 2011]

  - Another beautiful day Katrina Sjoberg's Page
Enjoying living in Vasa even when it gets really dark in the winter. I am just amazed at our weather right now. It is the middle of Nov. and still above zero, although this week should be getting colder. Snow? Not yet. It is really dark, however, and that makes it hard to drive at night especially if the roads are wet. So we are being very careful ...
[Page - Katrina Sjoberg - 2Ko - 2011]

  - A grey day, a Sunday morning, a wonderful view and no inspiration Katrina Sjoberg's Page
How grateful I am to have my studio-apartment to work in. With a view of the water, with high ceilings for my large artwork, with huge closets, an upstairs loft and meditation room. What more could I ask for? Sometimes I'm so captured by the beauty of the scenery (even on gray mornings) that I can't work, I just relish the moments and fall into qui...
[Page - Katrina Sjoberg - 1Ko - 2011]

  - Early morning in my studio Katrina Sjoberg's Page
My first thoughts for these pages It's early morning here in Finland, still dark, still mild weather for the season. November is marching on and before we know it, the Christmas season is upon us. I hardly celebrate the season, having very little family to speak of. I will write more on the whole Christmas thing later. Right now I'm trying to get a...
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