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Portfolio Glenn Brady

Portfolio Glenn Brady

Glenn Brady
Glenn Brady
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'among das blaue birds' . . 90cmx70cm acryl und pastell auf pappe

der paar

Der Schuss Trinker

sein Himmel

verrückt tanz

auf dem dünen

gemäß trinken ganzen tag

tot geist Gummis

Kreis baum bach

flasche blumen

burschen tragen von beanies

anzac und magpie

australisch Feige vogel

unter den rds

die Brücke


power Licht

Feuer am Strand

Hinterhof Schatten

Seite des Hauses

Blumen auf den Dünen

Bogangar Szene

Mädchen fallen

unter dem Kirschbaum


  - glenn brady..born 1966 in Brisbane Australia..grew up in a suburb of wooden houses,some on stilts to deal with the heat of the summer..it was the same as all the other suburbs around it..didn't like school and left at 15 ,then home at 16..moved aroun...
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Where can we see you paintings?
Hello Glen, Michael Ryan recommended me to you and I found your paintings magnificent. Do you have a gallery in Brisvegas? A friend and I will be coming up July next yr date to be determined and would it be possible to see you work. Michael said you roll them up and can send them. Do you have a current catelogue? Looking forward to hearing from .../...
(Julie-Anne Donaldson, 28 August 2013)
love your work
hi glenn, am writing just to enquire about buying some painting as love your work. left you a message before but have not attached a no to ring me if possible. I am finding it hard to work out how to buy your paintings as i am not that great on the computor. so if it is possible to ring me that would be great. on 0412225975. I am interested in b.../...
(debbie borrie, 13 April 2011)