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Portfolio Elisabeth Roccato Olivero

Portfolio Elisabeth Roccato Olivero

Elisabeth Roccato Olivero
Elisabeth Roccato Olivero
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Addierte 21 Februar 2008
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"Bruno Katze "

"Exotic "

"Raku ethnisch schablone "

rot wand platte

Bruno Katze

  - Elisabeth Roccato Olivero. Was born in Brazil. Italian's granddaughter from Torino and Padova, Italy. I am graduated in Advertising and Visual Design. Beyond advertising writer, I worked like a theater actress in San Paulo City, during some years. Cu...
[Biography - Elisabeth Roccato Olivero - 3Ko - 2006]

Elisabeth Roccato Olivero's Gästebuch

ArtsCad Art Critic
Born in Brazil with a grandmother from Italy, Elizabeth is a dedicated sculptor, with most of her time spent in her atelier, the Rocco Villa Atelier, which is based out of the family farm. She works with Aerated Cellular Concrete Sculpture and Raku Ceramics, with most of her time invested in the Raku’s Costume Jewelry, Sculptures and Home Décor. He.../...
(ArtsCad Art Critic, 28 February 2006)