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Portfolio Ekrem Fetic

Portfolio Ekrem Fetic

Ekrem Fetic
Ekrem Fetic

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Fine art by Ekrem Fetic Oeuvres de Ekrem Fetic Ekrem Fetic Ekrem Fetic Ekrem Fetic Ekrem Fetic Ekrem Fetic Ekrem Fetic Ekrem Fetic

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Bosniak Buchstaben F

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Ideologe untaten - Ideolog zlocina

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wir wünschen freiheit

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Don't vergessen Bosnien

  - I am born in Zenica city 1956.I living and working in the same city.I am multy - medial artist. Past exhibitions: 1.Los Angeles Center for digital art 107.West fifth street Los Angeles California 90013.Second annual Snap to Grid,The UN-Juried show.September8-October1year 2005. 2.Project:l5-din-a4,Malaga Spain .From 12 January till 26 January 2006. ...
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  - Arts living - or how to become strong? Ekrem Fetic's Page
Conceptual art - Proposal for the art project Bosniak letters. Two aspects of the Bosniak letters Bosniak letter has two aspects.Art’ aspects expressed primarily through the modification of the letters in the newspaper articles .Where to push the interactive relationship afirmative message that gives the letter,and the text on the brutal reality th...
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