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Portfolio Bora Liviu

Portfolio Bora Liviu

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Chimaera 2
der könig
Goldene Fische
Der Spin

  - Personal exhibitions 1994 - Alien faces - Students Cultural House Cluj-Napoca 1995 - The cube - Puck Puppet Theatre of Cluj-Napoca 1997 - Sculpture - National Theatre of Targu Mures 2010 - The mask - Cluj-Napoca Maison Maitresse Store 2011 - The walnut story - Cluj-Napoca Maison Maitresse Store Collective exhibitions 1990 -The Annual International ...
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  - Liviu Bora and wood carving Bora Liviu's Page
by Alexandra Furnea http://www.romanialibera.ro http://www.casamea.ro/inspiratie/arta/artisti/liviu-bora-si-sculptura There is no man who has not been touched by the dramatic start of the chess game between Antonius Blok and Death in "The Seventh Seal" of the famous Ingmar Bergman. The art passionate, however, will see more than just the ultimate s...
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  - Plastic. Maitresse Maison, January-February: The Story of walnut Bora Liviu's Page
by Demostene Sopfron, January 26, 2011 It's a fascinating story, one that introduces us to into a world less known to us, more known by the specialists. Is the universe proposed by the sculptor Liviu Bora, a name with which we are already familiarize. We are because the main reference points of the artistic experiences are found in collective exhib...
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  - If you will be in London on 13-14 October, I invite you to visit the fifth edition of Parallax Art Fair hosted at Chelsea Old Town Hall. At the fair will participate artists from 33 countries and I will participate with two of my favorite works, the Snake Sax and Caryatid. More information you will find on http://www.barlowfinedrawings.com .
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  - Sale details Bora Liviu's Page
Payment via Paypal. Packing included in the price of artwork. Delivery method is chosen and paid by the buyer. The customs duties will be paid by buyer.
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  - Masks culture Kanyo Bora Liviu's Page
Cluj-Napoca december 1, 2011 Liviu Bora Yesterday I finished the project began five months ago. I called the project Masks Kanyo culture due to the fact that outdoor place where I work is called Kanyo and the walnut from which I made ​​works has grown there . Inspired by nature and opened imaginary I directly carving a series of 33 masks with lengt...
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Bora Liviu

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