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Portfolio Artwork By Lwright

Portfolio Artwork By Lwright

Artwork By Lwright
Artwork By Lwright
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Addierte 17 Januar 2010
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new york zustand haus

börse gebäude , new york stadt 1906

reich zustand gebäude , new york stadt

gasthof new yorker , new york city

hippodrom , new york stadt

zentral park , new york stadt

chanin gebäude new york stadt

wand straße , new york stadt 1948

neue Yorker Zwillingstürmen Wasser Seitenansicht

new york zwillingstürme

  - ABOUT THE ARTIST I was born in Woonsocket, R.I. on March 30, 1948. At six months of age I was abandoned on the doorstep of orphanage. When the orphanage closed a short time later, I was placed in state custody. The state then placed me in a foster home where I was abused and neglected for two years. At three I was unable to stand or walk with out h...
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