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Portfolio Aimee Barclay-Shull

Portfolio Aimee Barclay-Shull

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Splendid im Gras
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froh sein purpurrot
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traube Hyazinthe
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  - ARTIST STATEMENT "Growing up in the beautiful hills of West Virginia, hiking, horse-back riding, rock climbing, and exploring, I am drawn to the outdoors and mother nature's miraculous creations. I am inspired to photograph and paint the ever-changing landscape that provides me with endless visions, ideas and possibilities. I approach my paintings ...
[Biography - Aimee Barclay-Shull - 15Ko - 2011]

Aimee Barclay-Shull's Gästebuch

Aimee, Seeing your work was a blessing to me. I am in an interesting place in my life and I and my hubby went on the "art walk" in Charleston, WV (I am a 3 week resident there) feeling a bit like a fish out of water, I saw your work and it brought a smile and encouragment to me. I am exploring my own creativity in a new and different way and I ap.../...
(Tina M Lawver, 22 June 2007)
Glad Your A Member of My Groups
Hi, You have such a gift! I truly enjoy your work and am glad your a member of two of my groups. Thank you for allowing me to display your artwork in my newsletter First Cut bi weekly newsletter going out to subscribers connecting the arts! Your work is a breath of fresh air. First Cut! Nicole M. Stevenson Ed.../...
(Nicole STevenson, 12 April 2006)
Aimee:What a joy it is to have your work in our home. What makes it so much more meaningful is that we have known you since you were just a baby. It's great to know such a talented and joyful person as you. You have brightened our home with "The Tulip" and its boldness and vivid color. I'm sure we'll be hanging more of your work at our house. Ou.../...
(Dick and Lynn, 12 March 2006)
charmed in tree rythem
As shown in the topic of this msg, that painting is charming, and you have very nice feeling in colors, good luck.
(Luay Dababneh, 3 March 2006)
your webpage
Love your website. ds
(Dianna Simms, 31 January 2006)
Beautiful artwork!
Very nice work! I love the flow of 'Spiral' and the happy 'Orange Bonnet'
(Lori Sturgeon, 25 January 2006)
Awesome Work!
Your flowers remind me of Georgia O'Keefe! I thank Harold Shull for sending me to see your artwork.
(Vernita Bridges Hoyt, 25 January 2006)
It was so fun to see your work! I am a friend of Hal's and he showed us your site here at the Artcafe, and you do some mighty fine work!!! It must be in the genes! I especially love the florals and dog portraits. To capture a dog face and give it personality takes some doing and you really nailed them...great work!
(Jane Freeman, 25 January 2006)
Congratulations Aimee
Hiya Aimee, A very well earned congratulations to you. Your paintings are beautiful and I am very proud to be able to tell my friends that you are my niece. I can see from the looks of your paintings how much you love life and express it very well in your beautiful contemporary paintings. Also your brush strokes show me how brave you are with your .../...
(Harold Shull, 25 January 2006)
Hi you have an awesome site!! Thanks Barbara
Hi you have an awesome site!! Thanks Barbara
([From Guestbook], 12 May 2005)

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